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The Eugene Half-way House, between the two fraternity houses, became the derelict Delta fraternity house. City officials in Cottage Grove, twenty-three miles south of Eugene, agreed to close down Main Street for three days to allow filming of the climactic homecoming parade scene.28 Jan 2021

Where was the parade scene in Animal House filmed?

Cottage Grove

Why is there a Tennessee flag in Animal House?

Although the film takes place in Pennsylvania, a Tennessee flag is shown in the courtroom. This is because the set decorator was unable to find a large enough Pennsylvania flag for the scene, and the blue Oregon state flag wouldn’t work, because it had “State of Oregon” text on the upper part.

Is Animal House a true story?

The stories were based on Ramis’s experience in the Zeta Beta Tau fraternity at Washington University in St. Louis, Miller’s Alpha Delta Phi experiences at Dartmouth College in New Hampshire, and producer Reitman’s at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario.

Did we give up when Germany bombed Pearl Harbor?

Nothing is over until we decide it is! Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? Hell no!

Who played Flounder in Animal House?

Stephen FurstAnimal House

Did John Belushi really chug a bottle of whiskey?

BELUSHI DIDN’T ACTUALLY CHUG A FIFTH OF JACK DANIELS. Contrary to rumors, it was iced tea—and not real whiskey—in the bottle that Belushi chugs after Delta is expelled from campus.

Is flounder still alive?

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Stephen Furst, who played naïve fraternity pledge Flounder in the hit movie Animal House, has died of complications from diabetes, his family said Saturday. Furst was 63. Furst died Friday at his home in Moorpark, Calif., north of Los Angeles, said his son, Nathan.

How old is Flounder from Animal House?

Death. On June 16, 2017, Furst died from complications related to diabetes at his home in Moorpark, California, at age 63.

How old is Stephen Furst?

63 years (1954–2017)

What fraternity would pledge a man like you?

Just tell me, mister, what fraternity would pledge a man like you?” Flounder: “It’s a Delta pin, sir.”

How tall was Stephen Furst?

1.78 m

Who played the dean in Animal House?

John Vernon

Who played Vir Cotto?

Stephen FurstBabylon 5

Who played Vir in Babylon 5?

Who played weasel in Animal House?

Stephen Furst

What age did Stephen Furst die?

How old is Tim Matheson the actor?

73 years (December 31, 1947)

How did the horse die in Animal House?

heart attack

How old was Kevin Bacon in Animal House?


Is Delta Tau Chi real?

Delta Tau Chi (ΔΤΧ) is a fraternity at Richmore Academy. Their house is located in the Students Residence block. Though unconfirmed, there have been rumors floating about that the students may collectively be under the influence of any number of substances.

How much did it cost to make Animal House?

3 million USD

Who played Dean Wormer’s wife in Animal House?

Verna Bloom

Who wrote Animal House?

Douglas Kenney

Who created Caddyshack?

CaddyshackDirected byHarold RamisProduced byDouglas KenneyWritten byDouglas Kenney Harold Ramis Brian Doyle-MurrayStarringChevy Chase Rodney Dangerfield Ted Knight Michael O’Keefe Bill Murray

Who started National Lampoon’s?