What Trenchless Means?

Related Definitions Trenchless means installed without breaking the ground or the pavement surface, such as by jacking, boring, tunneling or mechanical compaction.

Related to Trenchless

Trench means an excavation in the pavement, with the excavation having a length equal to or greater than the width of the pavement.

Substrate (3) means a sheet of base material with or without an interconnection pattern and on which or within which 'discrete components' or integrated circuits or both can be located.

Stack means any point in a source designed to emit solids, liquids, or gases into the air, including a pipe or duct but not including flares.

Hydrophytic vegetation means macrophytic plant life growing in water or on a substrate that is at least periodically deficient in oxygen as a result of excessive water content.

Sensor means any measurement device that is not part of the vehicle itself but installed to determine parameters other than the concentration of gaseous and particle pollutants and the exhaust mass flow.

Hydrogen means the lightest of all gases, occurring chiefly in combination with oxygen in water; it exists also in acids, bases, alcohols, petroleum, and other hydrocarbons.

DUPLEX DWELLING , means the whole of a dwelling that is divided horizontally into two separate dwelling units each of which has an independent entrance either directly from the outside or through a common vestibule.

Fluoroscopic imaging assembly means a subsystem in which x-ray photons produce a set of fluoroscopic images or radiographic images recorded from the fluoroscopic image receptor. It includes the image receptors, electrical interlocks, if any, and structural material providing linkage between the image receptor and diagnostic source assembly.

Retrenchment means the termination by the employer of the service of a worker for any reason whatsoever, otherwise than as a punishment inflicted by way of disciplinary action, but does not include—

borehole means a hole sunk into the earth for the purpose of locating, abstracting or using subterranean water and includes a spring;

Flocculation means a process to enhance agglomeration or collection of smaller floc particles into larger, more easily settleable particles through gentle stirring by hydraulic or mechanical means.

Pump means a device used to raise pressure, drive, or increase flow of liquid streams in closed or open conduits.

Disinfectant means any oxidant, including but not limited to chlorine, chlorine dioxide, chloramines, and ozone added to water in any part of the treatment or distribution process, that is intended to kill or inactivate pathogenic microorganisms.

Gravel means dredged materials with a diameter of at least 2 and less than 64 millimetres;

Cannabinoid extract means a substance obtained by separating cannabinoids from marijuana by:

Diesel means, with respect to Article 4 only, a liquid petroleum product that meets the specifications in American Society for Testing and Materials Standard D-975-94, “Standard Specification for Diesel Fuel Oils” amended April 15, 1994 (and no future amendments or editions), which is incorporated by reference and on file with the Department and the Office of the Secretary of State.

Polystyrene foam adhesive means an aerosol adhesive designed to bond polystyrene foam to substrates.

Filter means material placed in the useful beam to preferentially absorb selected radiations.

Reactor means a vat or vessel, which may be jacketed to permit temperature control, designed to contain chemical reactions.

Fabrication means making up data or results and recording or reporting them.

PAD means a Preauthorized Debit.

Infiltration means water other than wastewater that enters a sewer system (including sewer system and foundation drains) from the ground through such means as defective pipes, pipe joints, connections, or manholes. Infiltration does not include, and is distinguished from, inflow.

Reactivation means the process whereby an inactive licensee obtains a current license.

Strain means the classification of marijuana or cannabis plants in either pure sativa, indica, afghanica, ruderalis, or hybrid varieties.

Polystyrene foam means blown polystyrene and expanded and extruded foams (sometimes called StyrofoamTM) which are thermoplastic, petrochemical materials utilizing a styrene monomer and processed by any number of techniques including, but not limited to, fusion of polymer spheres (expandable bead polystyrene), injection molding, foam molding, and extrusion-blown molding (extruded foam polystyrene). Polystyrene foam is generally used to make cups, bowls, plates, trays, clamshell containers, meat trays and egg cartons.

Duct is a single enclosed path to house facilities to provide Telecommunications Services.