What Means Self-Driving?

(of a machine) operating without the guidance of a human. (of a vehicle) navigated and maneuvered by a computer without a need for human control or intervention under a range of driving situations and conditions: self-driving cars.
Alternatively, passengers can make use of the taxis and self-drive hire cars.
There are about 375 self-drive cars and estate cars countrywide, mainly in works depots, for official use.
What happens when he is a passenger in a sports car, or hires a self-drive car and the belt will not go round him?
They decided to hire self-drive minibuses and provide their own transport free from restrictions.
Allowances are, however, granted to firms who hire out self-drive cars, and overseas visitors can of course take advantage of this service.
There were 73 private cars and 88 hire cars, of which one is known to have been a self-drive car.
These include wholesalers, departmental stores, self-drive car hire firms and insurance brokers.
Officers are issued with self-drive cars when this is the most cost-effective means of providing transport to enable them to fulfil their duties.
The conditions on which petrol is allocated to owners of hire cars, whether chauffeur-driven or self-drive, are similar throughout the country.
Business in hire cars for self-drive has been completely ruined.
There is a wide range of hardware available to us at present—computerised traffic schemes, dial-a-bus, pedestrian aids, self-drive taxis, bus lanes and so on.
A self-drive hire mini-bus is no more a public service vehicle than a self-drive hire-car is a taxi.
The case for dealing with self-drive hire cars in isolation is not strong.
This is a highly respectable business which is increasing, especially in the provision of self-drive cars for tourists.
As regards self-drive hire-cars, its principal effect is that these cannot be hired for any journey, even within the "inner radius," without a declaration showing a permitted purpose.

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