What Is Powered By Meaning?

Powered by' refers to what makes something run. Example sentences: 'The car is powered by petrol. ' 'The toy is powered by a battery. ' I have also seen 'powered by' used to refer to sports drinks. ... ' This means the people who make Gatorade say that sports teams need Gatorade to play well!

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Limited license means a license that:

MFET Limited means the company limited by guarantee (number 7121661) of that name, established for the purpose in particular of making payments in accordance with arrangements made with the Secretary of State to persons who have acquired HIV as a result of treatment by the NHS with blood or blood products;

Manager-managed limited liability company means a limited liability company that is managed by

Member-managed limited liability company means a limited liability company that is not a manager-managed limited liability company.

Limited liability company means a limited liability company formed under Chapter 1705 of the Ohio Revised Code or under the laws of another state.

Semi-nude means a state of dress in which clothing covers no more than the genitals, pubic region, and areola of the female breast, as well as portions of the body covered by supporting straps or devices.

Powered On Desktop Virtual Machine means a Desktop Virtual Machine receiving a remote connection from a device or running locally on a device.

Professional limited liability company means a limited liability company subject to this article, except a foreign professional limited liability company.

Foreign limited liability company means an unincorporated entity formed under the law of a jurisdiction other than this state and denominated by that law as a limited liability company.

Limited line credit insurance producer means a person who sells, solicits, or negotiates one or more forms of limited line credit insurance coverage to an individual through a master, corporate, group, or individual policy.

of a corporation means all classes of Capital Stock of such corporation then outstanding and normally entitled to vote in the election of directors.

Managing Director means the Managing Director of the NIGAM (UHBVNL/DHBVNL) duly appointed by the Govt.

Organ procurement organization means a person designated by the Secretary of the United States Department of Health and Human Services as an organ procurement organization.

Unincorporated means the area outside of the incorporated area of a city

Model shall refer to a particular brand of Vehicle sold by an OEM (e.g., Taurus, Tahoe, Grand Caravan).

Limited liability means that the liability of each shareholder is limited to the amount unpaid by the shareholder on the shares of the company (except in exceptional circumstances, such as involving fraud, the establishment of an agency relationship or an illegal or improper purpose or other circumstances in which a court may be prepared to pierce or lift the corporate veil).

semi-trailer means any trailer designed to be coupled to a motor vehicle in such a way that part of it rests on the motor vehicle and a substantial part of its mass and the mass of its load is borne by the motor vehicle;

Single member limited liability company means a limited liability company that has one direct member.

Limited Liability Company Assets means all assets, whether tangible or intangible and whether real, personal or mixed (including, without limitation, all limited liability company capital and interest in other limited liability companies), at any time owned or represented by any Limited Liability Company Interest.

limited company means a company limited by shares or by guarantee or a company limited both by shares and by guarantee;

Organiser means the Hong Kong Trade Development Council, which as promoter and organiser, is responsible for the regulation and control of all aspects of the Exhibition.

Procurement organization means an eye bank, organ procurement organization, or tissue bank.

Semitrailer means every vehicle without motive power designed for carrying persons or property and for being drawn by a motor vehicle and constructed so that some part of its weight and its load rests or is carried by another vehicle.

Peer support specialist means an individual who has experienced a severe and persistent mental illness and who has successfully completed standardized training to provide peer support services through the medical assistance program or the Iowa Behavioral Health Care Plan.

Limited lines insurance means any of the following:

EMMA means the Electronic Municipal Market Access system as described in 1934 Act Release No. 59062 and maintained by the MSRB for purposes of the Rule.