What Is Haptic In Iphone?

Haptics are any type of technology that gives you a tactile response — for example, when your phone vibrates. If you use an iPhone, you may be familiar with Haptic Touch, a feature which vibrates your phone when you long-press the screen.16 Apr 2021

Does anyone know how to get rid of System Haptics on an iPhone 12? Background - riding a motorcycle with Sirrius/XM streaming to a bluetooth headset. I have volume on phone on max and can control volume to speakers through my headset. Readjusting volume on phone while driving 75mph down the highway is dangerous. The volume control on my headset is readily available without taking my eyes off of the road. As I am riding, volume is randomly turned off by the System Haptics feature. If I increase the volume on the phone, shortly afterwards the Sirrius/XM app is paused by the Haptics feature. This requires me to stop the motorcycle, remove my gloves and reset my music settings on the phone. I can ride for 200-250 miles on a tank of gas and having to stop every 50-75 miles to reset the phone is irritating, to say the least.