What Does Mean Emerging Mean?

The definition of emerging is coming out, coming into view or taking shape, or surviving and coming out from a difficult situation. When a quiet young girl suddenly begins to find her voice and assert herself, this is an example of her emerging personality.

Emerging Technology

Emerging technology is a term generally used to describe a new technology, but it may also refer to the continuing development of an existing technology; it can have slightly different meaning when used in different areas, such as media, business, science, or education. The term commonly refers to technologies that are currently developing, or that are expected to be available within the next five to ten years, and is usually reserved for technologies that are creating, or are expected to create, significant social or economic effects.

Emerging digital technologies have generated new opportunities while creating new legal challenges, particularly related to copyrights, trademarks, patents, royalties, and licensing. For example, the development of new digital communication technologies and media has given rise to novel issues relating to the digital reproduction and distribution of copyrighted works. The federal government, affected industries, and groups advocating for the public interest have taken (and continue to take) action to craft appropriate protections and offer legal certainty to copyright owners, digital technology companies, the public, and other interested parties.

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