What Does It Mean When Dos?

DOS. Definition: Denial of Service [Attack] Type: Acronym and Abbreviation.

What is DOS?

to have sex

we did the do

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DOS - meme gif

DOS - video

DOS - what is it?

DOS short for daughter of saton

James: dude!! shes the DOSMike: No F****** way!!!

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What does "DOS" mean?

meaning Drunk on Soda

dude, last night i was soooo DOS

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DOS - what does it mean?

1) Various forks of Gary Kildall's cp/m. These usually use monolithic singletasking, although programs running under DOS can be written to exhibit multitasking. 2) Microsoft DOS, one of Microsoft's first example's of making money off of borrowed code. Microsoft bought QDOS (Quick and Dirty Operating System) from Tim Patterson in the early 80s. As a result of this, a chain reaction started and Microsoft products now run on approximately 90% of all computers despite their steep prices and reputation of crashing. MS-DOS uses the FAT12 and FAT16 systems natively, and are also fundamental parts of non-NT Windows implementations.

1) DOS is teh ubar OS2) Oh snap! I lost my DOS disks! Now I gotta pay $135 for a new liscenced copy or else the RIAA will hunt my ass down!

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DOS - meaning

An early OS (operating system), that was very simple. Programs were booted after the C:\ command line. DOS was later borrowed by Microsoft, which wouldn't exist anymore if it weren't for DOS. DOS was used for classic games, such as Doom, Wolfenstein, and Quake. DOS remains in existance and is used for gaming, without having to deal with Windows errors. A new version of DOS is hard to find, but with the most current and currently most popular version being FreeDOS, DOS users are still welcome to play their old games.

DOS pretty much died out after Windows "borrowed" it.

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DOS - definition

Short hand for Decendents Of (American) Slaves. Generally a way for some American blacks to differentiate themselves from black immigrants to the United States. One could be all or part DOS.

Olu: Where you from?Terrance: I'm from Detroit broOlu: No, I mean like where your family from?Terrance: Detroit bro. Extended family from the south, I'm DOS.

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DOS - slang

Means:Dead on sight

Did you see Sean new shoes?Yes I did lol...I'm DOS!

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DOS is an Ancient name handed down to young men who possessed the mind of a scholar and the skills of a warrior.It was the name of a god, handed down to a man who embodied all the attributes considered god like. Strength. Charisma. Magnificence.As a man, DOS roamed the earth doing good deeds, pleasuring women, slaying demons and beasts, teaching those who wanted to learn and allowing the people to bask in his majesty.In the present day, very few men are afforded the honour of bearing such a name. When such a man is found worthy, it is betrothed upon him with grand festivity as this man’s entire life has seen him proving himself day after day in the most glorious of ways.DOS must be spelt in capitals, as each letter is as important as the one that preceeded it

He spoke to them in the way you would expect a DOS to.His performance was so good i think he is a DOS.He used his body in a DOS-like way.

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Doing other shit.

I am DOS right now and can't work on that.

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1. Disk Operating System: a disk-based operating system, usually referring to MS-DOS. Originally developed by Microsoft for IBM, MS-DOS was once the standard operating system for IBM-compatible personal computers.2. Denial of Service: a type of attack on a network that is designed to bring the network to its knees by flooding it with useless traffic.3. Department of State: a federal or state governmental department handling issues central to the country or each of the individual States, such as travel, tourism, elections, charters and licensing, historic records, and overall public security.4. Department of Safety: a department used by some U.S. states and cities which usually handles driver and vehicle, police, enforcement, fire, corrections, and crime statistics services for the public.5. Department of Statistics: a department used by some countries for handling statistical reports vital to their economies and governments.

1. DOS required a lot of typing.2. DOS attacks can cost companies millions of dollars in lost revenue.3. If you're interesting in become a licensed lawyer, visit the DOS.4. In some states, the DOS handles driver's licenses instead of the DMV.5. The DOS just released new statistics on the gross national product.

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