What Do You Mean Digital?

1 : relating to or using calculation directly with digits rather than through measurable physical quantities. 2 : of or relating to data in the form of numerical digits digital images digital broadcasting. 3 : providing displayed or recorded information in numerical digits from an automatic device a digital watch.
dig·​i·​tal | \ ˈdi-jə-tᵊl \
1 : of, relating to, or utilizing devices constructed or working by the methods or principles of electronics : electronic digital devices/technology also : characterized by electronic and especially computerized technology the digital age In an electronically driven work-place, managers pinpoint information overload as the inescapable downside to … life in the digital world. — David Bottoms
2 : composed of data in the form of especially binary digits (see digit sense 1b) digital images/photos a digital readout a digital broadcast [=a broadcast employing digital communications signals] — compare analog sense 1

3 : providing a readout in numerical digits a digital voltmeter a digital watch/clock

4 : relating to an audio recording method in which sound waves are represented digitally (as on magnetic tape) so that in the recording wow and flutter are eliminated and background noise is reduced

5 : of, relating to, or using calculation by numerical methods or by discrete units

6 : of or relating to the fingers or toes digital dexterity

7 : done with a finger a digital rectal examination

1a : media (such as a photograph) in a digital format This writer spent a frightfully snowy day stumbling around a snow-covered lawn among the downpour of snowflake clusters. Something black and cold became an impromptu netting device to capture digitals of individual snowflakes.— Alan Daugherty

b : digital media as an industry or sector of an industry … radio advertising was up 6.8%, TV advertising was up 9.4%, and digital was up 16.8%. — News Bites US Markets

2 : something (such as a device) characterized or operated by digital technology Unlike analog quartz watches, which had a conventional dial and hands, digitals were totally electronic, with no moving parts at all.— Joe Thompson The analog thermometers usually register from 0ºF to 220ºF and cost about $12; the digitals register from -58ºF to 302ºF and go for around $15.— Dorie Greenspan

3 : a finger or toe … critical ischemia of the digitals of upper and lower limbs …— Nadjib Schahab et al. also : an artery or nerve that supplies the fingers or toes … the doctor reported that ulnar palmar and radial palmar digitals' decreased sensation had a maximum upper extremity impairment of 9 percent … — US Fed News

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